Monday, 23 November 2009

Well i guess christmas is almost here!

I started back in my winter job in the toy store on the 26th of Oct and even back then the christmas songs were playing which when your doing a 10 hour shift in an empty store its like torture, if ever i become a secret agent and i got captured they'd only have to play 15 mins of christmas songs and i'd be blurting out all the countries top secrets.

As you know i can't resist having a look through all the toys and have a little mess about with them but i happened to be sorting out the Playmobil stock and i think that the photographer for the box pictures had a adult sense of humour. Here are 2 pictures that i came across while at work.

I'm not sure what this farmer is intending to do with his hose but maybe his other hand is showing where it will be going.

I've never seen a vet holding a cat in the way this one is.

What has happened to the traditional christmas song that gets released and is No1 for christmas? Every year its been someone from the crap factor, i think the last real christmas song was released by The Darkness - christmas time (don't let the bells end) in 2003 but my nephew showed me a christmas song that The Killers released last year in america for charity which i think should be released here and may teach the little boys and girls to be good or you may end up with this santa which is in the video, anyway here's a link to the video.

YO-HO-HO everybody or is it BAH HUMBUG? LOL

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